Revolut and Monzo refute rumours of imminent collapse; Revolut launches in US

Revolut and Monzo refute rumours of imminent collapse; Revolut launches in US

As it launches its financial super app in the US, Revolut hits back at rumours circulating on social media that it is facing financial difficulties as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak.

IS MONZO A SCAM??? & ARE MOBILE BANKS SAFE? (Monzo, Starling, Revolut, N26, Monese, Bó…)


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Whats good guys, welcome back! In this video Im going to discuss the latest drama hitting the internet of whether or not mobile banks like monzo, revolut, starling, n26, Monese, bo and others are legit? or maybe are they scams to be avoided?

Il simply give my opinions on all the latest articles hitting the internet and go over what i think and what is truly going on. Its very easy to see a bit of bad press online and jump on the band wagon to think that they are scams but is it fair to do so?

Using mobile banks daily, I think they offer some great benefits. I will go over whether or not i will be continuing to use them or not?

I hope you all enjoy the video. I would really appreciate if you could subscribe and drop and like if you learnt something. Please let me know in the comments, your ideas and thoughts…

Disclaimer: Always do your own research and never blindly follow someone else’s advice. Always read the terms before signing up for something. These are simply my opinions and it is not advice in any way.

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Revolut is available in the U.S.

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�� Stay in control with customizable security.

�� Your whole financial life at your fingertips.

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Revolut Bank Metal Review 2022 | Is it worth it? Benefits, Fees & MORE

In this Revolut Metal review we’ll be looking closely at the various benefits the metal account from Revolut Bank provides. Revolut also has other paid accounts such as Premium which does share similar benefits to Metal so we’ll also be looking at how they compare and whether Metal is even worth getting.

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Revolut Metal Price
1:02 Card & Cashback
2:01 Travel Features
3:18 Delayed Luggage Insurance
3:30 Lounge Access
3:54 Car Hire Excess
4:48 Everyday Protection
5:32 Savings & Investments
7:20 Stocks, Commodities & Crypto
8:35 Currency Exchange
8:56 International Money Transfer
9:20 Bonus Features
9:54 Negative Customer Feedback
10:07 Monzo Premium
10:18 Sign Up For Revolut Metal
10:42 Premium or Metal

Building the bank of the future with Monzo, N26, and Revolut | Disrupt Berlin 2017

Monzo, N26 and Revolut want to build the bank of the future and disrupt the entire financial sector. Tom Blomfield (Monzo), Valentin Stalf (N26), and Nikolay Storonsky (Revolut) dive deep into fintech at Disrupt Berlin.