Money 20/20 EU: What’s next for BNPL?

Money 20/20 EU: What’s next for BNPL?

The final day of Money 20/20 Europe opened with a topic hot on everyone’s minds, with the session titled ‘what’s next for buy now pay later (BNPL)?’ As the UK and other governments have started dipping their toes into regulating this form of credit, this panel discussed what needs to be done make this tool sustainable and beneficial to consumers.

Money20/20 USA 2022 Thematic Lense: Experience

The world is full of new wonders, and of course, Money20/20 USA plans to explore them all. We are entering an era where our physical and digital experiences are increasingly blurred. Web3 is being built and the nature of its future is at stake. We will discuss the metaverse, what NFTs and tokenization really mean, and how we need to think about identity and privacy. There are new markets in limbo as dark markets become light. It’s all up for debate and we’ll discuss it all!

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Money20/20 USA 2022 Thematic Lense: Offense & Defense

Money20/20 USA | Oct. 23-26 | Las Vegas
When we see change coming, those are generally the two reactions we have; go on offense or defense. This October many of the conversations on our stages will be told through the lens of fraud, regulation, and policy. We want to hear your stories on revolutionary product development, better UX, and how you’re serving sectors like small businesses and the creator economy. In the end, the ability to preserve what is valuable and still get ready to face the next wave of change go hand in hand and you’ll experience it all at Money2020 USA.

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Money20/20 USA 2022 Thematic Lenses

Where Do We See Fintech Going?
Money20/20 USA has always been at the forefront of fintech insights and keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not. This year, our agenda will focus on stories told through four distinct lenses – vulnerability, defense and offense, chain reactions, and experiences. Dive deep into the four lenses that will guide this year’s powerful speaker lineup.

Money2020 Event Trailer for Europe 2022

The event you and your business can’t afford to miss! Money2020 EU 2022 is coming in less than 2 weeks…