EBAday 2021: The next chapter for Open Banking in Europe

EBAday 2021: The next chapter for Open Banking in Europe

With the payments industry in a state of post-pandemic flux, it is difficult to predict what the next iteration of Open Banking will take across Europe.

Finextra interviews VocaLink: Making the most of faster payments

Chris Dunne, payment services director, VocaLink explains the findings of a new Finextra report and survey on faster payments and the future of the payments landscape.

Originally published on on: 24 September 2014

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Payment processing across APAC

Alistair Brown, Global Head of Payments, EPAM, talks at EBAday 2018 about the main challenges within the banking sphere today, how to make a relationship with a fintech successful and whether APAC is a consolidated marketplace or overly a fragmented.

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Panel discussion on The Future of Payments (Instant Payments CBDC and open banking)

Instant Payments is the flagship initiative of the Commission Retail Payments Strategy. Panellists will be asked to discuss how are instant payments developing in Europe and whether these should become the new normal? What are the benefits of Instant payments? And the challenges? What is the potential of open banking and instant payments in combination? How can we foster payments innovation and contribute to widespread disruption of the banking and payments marketplace? Panellist will also be asked to express their views as to how we can leverage open banking and Instant payments for increasing revenues, attract new customers, open up to new collaborations and increase competition. We will also look at the interrelation with CBDC.

Moderated by: Brian Curran, SVP and International Risk Leader at Elavon Financial Services
In conversation:

• Holger Neuhaus, Head of Division, DG Market Infrastructure & Payments, European Central Bank ECB
• Katarzyna Kobylińska-Hilliard, Policy Officer unit B3, DG FISMA, European Commission
• Etienne Goosse, Director General, EPC
• Francois Steque, Director Government Affairs American Express
• Krzysztof Korus, Polish Payment Institutions Association (PONIP)

Anyone can build a bank: creating a new banking backend by Vlad Yatsenko

Anyone can build a bank’ was the attitude with which Revolut approached the challenge of disrupting finance, but unsurprisingly there are quite a few stumbling blocks that stop (most) newbies. In this talk Vlad Yatsenko, co-founder and CTO of Revolut, will discuss the range of problems Revolut has encountered building a whole new banking backend, what mistakes they made along the way, and how they have scaled their solution to serve over 4 million users.